Explore the Chakras

Explore the Chakras

This month in Yoga Awakening we will explore the 7 chakras accompanied by a playlist that reflects each chakra. The 7 chakras (literally translating to “wheel”) or energy centers are part of the subtle body (what yogis call the energetic body) and extend out from the sushumna channel ( main energy channel) that runs along the spinal column. In yoga, we work to clear the 7 chakras so that energy can flow freely through the chakras and we can feel refreshed and renewed. The higher we ascend through the chakras from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, the higher the frequency and vibration. This is sometimes referred to as Kundalini rising. A snake is depicted at the bottom of the Sushumna channel coiling up the spine in the diagram below. The snake can be thought of as a rebirth, a transformation, as it sheds its skin and regenerates.

If you would like to explore the chakras further, check out Anodea Judith’s book Wheels of Life. Below is a summary of the seven major chakras.

1st CHAKRA – MULADHARA  (root chakra)

Mantra – “I am always safe at the center of my being.”
Location – pelvic floor, perineum
Element – Earth
Color -red 
seed mantra- lam
Frequency – 396 HZ
Balanced- grounded and feelings of safety and security
Out of Balance – fearfulness, may eat too much or too little
Yoga postures — any pose feeling connection to the earth and hip opener
Gemstone – Ruby


Mantra – “I flow with the rhythms of life.”
Location – below the naval
Element – Water 
Seed mantra – Vam
Frequency – 417 HZ
Balanced – if it is in balance, you are healthy emotionally and sexually
Out of balance – trouble with intimacy and emotions
Yoga postures – hips, vinyasa flow
Gemstone- Coral, Amber


Mantra – “I stand in my personal power” 
Location – solar plexus 
Element -Fire  
color – yellow
seed sound – Ram
Frequency 528 HZ
Balanced – healthy self-esteem 
Out of balance – social issues, digestion problems
Yoga postures – twists, standing postures, core
Gemstone- amber, gold


Mantra – “I open my heart fully to all with unconditional love”
Location – heart
Element – air
Color – green
seed mantra – Yam
Frequency 639 HZ
Balanced – unconditional love
Out of balance – depression, pessimism, respiratory problems
Yoga postures – back bends, lateral bends
Gemstone – emerald


Mantra – “ I follow and speak my truth.”
Location – Throat
Element – space, ether
Color – blue
seed -ham
Frequency 741 HZ
Balanced – easily able to communicate 
Out of balance – speech thyroid issues
Yoga postures – using voice, throat openers
Gemstone-turquoise, topaz


Mantra -“I follow  my intuition, the path of Truth”
Location – 3rd eye -intuition
Element – includes all elements
Color – violet
seed sound -ohm
Frequency – 852 HZ
Balanced – calm and focused
Out of balance – confusion about the spiritual path, problems with senses.
Yoga Postures- balance postures with dristhi (a gaze)
Gemstone – sapphire


Mantra – “A greater spirit connects me to all that I do.”
Location – the crown of the head and beyond
Element – beyond
Color- violet and crystalline light
Seed sound – silence
Frequency 963 HZ
Balanced – unity consciousness
Out of balanced – spiritual separation
Yoga postures – wheel, savasana, inversions such as headstand
Gemstone – amethyst, diamond

Awakening the chakras through consistent practice of yoga and meditation can be life-transforming. We begin to feel more grounded as we awaken the root chakra (muladhara), we learn to go with the flow of life as we awaken the second chakra (svadhisthana), we feel and have self-determination, (manipura chakra), more love and compassion as we awaken the heart chakra (anahata), and we are better able to speak our word opening up the 5th chakra (vishuddha). We begin to awaken our intuition as we open the 6th chakra (ajna), and this brings us to the highest vibration sahasrara feeling ever-present bliss and peace.