The Daily Guide to the Yoga Sutras

The Daily Guide to the Yoga Sutra

Unlock The Ancient Wisdom of Yoga Sutras

Coming this Summer!

Why This Book:

  • Simplifies complex concepts, making the Yoga Sutras easy to understand and apply.
  • Connects you to QR codes for each Sutra to combine active  Meditation, Mantra, and Movement for a committed daily practice.
  • Encourages consistency and routine, helping you integrate these practices into your everyday life.

About The Author to the Yoga Sutra

Susan Fendler’s passion for yoga and music has been the driving force behind her life’s work. She grew up in Newport, New Hampshire, where she developed a love for literature and music at an early age. After graduating from Eastman School of Music, Susan pursued a career in education and music performance in New York.

Despite her success as a music teacher, Susan felt a calling to explore the world of yoga. She began practicing yoga over 25 years ago and quickly became enamored with the physical and spiritual benefits of the practice.

Susan’s love of yoga inspired her to delve deep into yogic philosophy and to study Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras in depth. Her commentary on the Yoga Sutras is her gift to her students and practitioners around the world in hopes to simplify and clarify this ancient wisdom. As a yoga instructor, she has trained numerous students to become certified yoga instructors themselves, passing on her knowledge and passion to others.

When she’s not teaching yoga or writing, Susan loves to travel and explore new cultures. She trained in yoga in Rishekesh, India at Triguna Yoga Ashram. One of her favorite places is Bali, Indonesia where she leads yoga retreats. She also enjoys skiing and spends her winters on the slopes in Park City, Utah. Her passion for teaching and her ability to inspire others has made her a beloved teacher and author.